Gym Day Three

I ended up going at 10 pm.

The day started off pretty bad. I slept off at 9 am, because i’d been up cracking ideas and making this blog, and it resulted in me waking up at 3 pm.


I really need to get to get my life in order.

But as I keep telling my mom – one habit at a time.

I didn’t eat breakfast or lunch owing to my weird sleep cycle and the orange I took out from the fridge looked so beautiful until i realised it was rotten at the bottom.

So I spent most of my evening doing work and then started watching YouTube videos when i was supposed to have gone down to the mess for dinner.

And kept watching until I realized it was too late to actually go to the gym and I’d missed dinner.

I whined for some time and wailed that i didn’t want to go to the gym, but made up my mind when I realized that missing one day would mean one day less closer to being fitter.

God damn it.

And so I ordered a chicken salad and chicken soup, took a mirror selfie in my workout clothes and went to the gym in my building.

I’m proud to say that i worked out really well today and realized that did more than I set out to do. I’m very competitive that way – and I seriously enjoyed watching the sweat drip down my face. There’s no better satisfaction than sweat dripping down your face.

So all in all – it was a good day! I’m really proud that in spite of being so close to not going to the gym, I DID IT.

At the same time, this has taught me that I really REALLY need to sleep properly.

It’s 1:04 am as I write this and now I am going to log off.



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