(Real) Gym Day One & Two.

I went! I went! I went!

I wanted to avoid yesterday’s gif of Gordan Ramsay calling that poor girl an ‘idiot sandwich’ and also, the wrath of my mother at having not utilising the money i’ve spent at signing up for the gym.

The first day was boring to be honest. Since I was just starting out at the gym, the trainer just made me walk on the treadmill for 15 minutes, 10 minutes on the cross trainer and then 10 minutes at the cycle and I was done. Yawn.

But I felt happy and productive that I’d actually started exercising after so long. In fact, Studies have shown that exercise has been linked to the rise of the feel-good hormone, endorphin in your body. They’re said to be responsible for feelings of excitement, satisfaction and that ‘euphoric high’ you get when you accomplish something amazing! I guess I could definitely use some endorphin in my life.

Day Two was a lot better. It was a different trainer who added the usage of weight lifting machines into the regime which made my muscles (or lack of) sore after wards. Which made me feel awesome! I know it’s a good workout when you’re sore after.

However, I’m not really looking forward to tomorrow haha. Hopefully, there comes a day where I wake up in excitement for the gym.

giphy (3).gif


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