I Joined The Gym.

So, to kick start this blog, I joined the gym.

Okay, maybe it was because my mom has been nagging me since the past three weeks and I am really embarrassed by how unhealthy I’ve become (I’ve ordered a large pizza for MYSELF twice in the past week). I’ve also literally become glued to my chair, and have been sleeping at 6 am for the past two weeks since I have holidays.

As you can see, I have issues.

So, I’ve decided that enough is enough (actually, my body is literally telling me this), and I signed up at the first gym that I saw coming out of my house.

It was so intimidating to be honest, because there’s no place you feel heavier than in a gym filled with muscular men who are lifting weights as big as your thighs.

To say I was self-conscious was an understatement.

But it was exhilarating to finally do something that i’d been pushing myself to do something I needed to do a long time ago.

This is me excited yet nervous (which is obvious) as I sit in the office embarrassed at filming myself haha.






See you guys tomorrow.


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