Why I’m Doing This

So, I’ve been binge watching Try Living With Lucie and it’s 4:18 am.

And an idea came to me!

So, I’m someone who is considered to be talent, intelligent and extremely creative. At the same time, I am pretty miuch the definition of ‘lazy’.

There have been so many instances where I try to incorporate a habit and it just doesn’t work out.


Because after a few episodes, I’ll just give up.

giphy (1)

Be it starting a journal, waking up early, eating healthy, exercising every day, etc. – NOTHING sticks with me.

So watching this video series has gotten me really inspired to start a blog (and maybe even a YouTube Channel – which depends how consistent I am with it.

So hopefully, this helps me sticks to new habits that I try to create.


Have a lovely day!


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