Gym Day Three

I ended up going at 10 pm. The day started off pretty bad. I slept off at 9 am, because i'd been up cracking ideas and making this blog, and it resulted in me waking up at 3 pm. Sigh. I really need to get to get my life in order. But as I keep... Continue Reading →


(Real) Gym Day One & Two.

I went! I went! I went! I wanted to avoid yesterday's gif of Gordan Ramsay calling that poor girl an 'idiot sandwich' and also, the wrath of my mother at having not utilising the money i've spent at signing up for the gym. The first day was boring to be honest. Since I was just... Continue Reading →

I Joined The Gym.

So, to kick start this blog, I joined the gym. Okay, maybe it was because my mom has been nagging me since the past three weeks and I am really embarrassed by how unhealthy I've become (I've ordered a large pizza for MYSELF twice in the past week). I've also literally become glued to my... Continue Reading →

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